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Class Email Lists

At the start of the school year, PTA Directory Contact Forms are sent home in order to update the current school year’s directory. Returning families are asked to verify their existing contact information from last year’s directory, while new families are asked to complete a blank form.

This information is then used to publish a print PTA Directory and collected emails are used to create individual classroom email lists and a school-wide email list. (NOTE: CRAGNET was our old school-wide email list system and is no longer used.)

If you need to update your email AFTER the PTA Directory is distributed, please fill out the form below.
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Update Email on Class List

Requests to Send a Message to the School-Wide Email List

If you want to send a school-wide email message, you can email the content to for consideration. A moderator will evaluate for appropriateness before it gets sent out to the school. Our goal is to minimize spam, not allow inappropriate content to reach everyone, and ensure that the communication pipeline is being used in a reasonable fashion so that when you do get emails from the school, you know they are likely to be useful to you.

We will also attempt to alert you by using a heading of “CRAGMONT:” in the subject line of each school-wide communication as often as possible.

List Policy

What is appropriate?

  • Announcements for whole school events such as PTA and SGC meetings, Cragmont Crew, Spring Carnival, Saturday work days, etc. (Classroom only things should be conducted on your classroom email list)
  • Requests for volunteers, man power or equipment for the school
  • Topics of general concern and project information (fundraising, quilt, etc.)
  • Notices from the principal and/or district

What is NOT appropriate:

  • Furthering any political or religious purpose
  • Sending comments that could be interpreted as derogatory, inflammatory, or mean-spirited
  • Violating another person’s privacy
  • Sharing sexually explicit, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate materials
If you have any questions, please email
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