Philosophy, Mission, Values

Our Vision:

CRAGMONT C.A.R.E.S. (Courage, Active Listening, Respect, Excellence, Self-Control)

Who We Are:
A Community with the Courage to Make Changes Worth Celebrating! We are Individuals with different abilities, characters, languages, and cultures – adults and children – a community of learners, enjoying and appreciating each other’s accomplishments and discoveries. We are a force in creating the greater community.

What We Do:
We believe the hallmark of good teaching shows itself when students become active, eager learners, when pursuit of academic excellence becomes contagious, and when students feel empowered – with the confidence that they can master the challenges and the courage to make good choices. We work together as a community encouraging kids to discover what they need to know to reach their goals, then reflect what they’ve learned and evaluate their methods and progress.

How We Do It:
We recognize each learner and teacher as different. Timely and meaningful assessments guide our instruction so that each learner is encouraged and supported to reach for his or her personal best. All our students are encouraged to explore their own interests, honoring their natural curiosity and wonder.

We have a strong sense of collaboration. Our teachers support each other, striving to practice in accord with the highest professional standards. We are one school working together for each child. All students are our students, and they are working together for themselves and each other.

Our Voice:
Our voice is a passionate voice. It speaks with respect and listens with open-mindedness. Our voice encourages initiative and open debate and resolves conflicts. Our voice values divergent points of view within a democratic atmosphere. Our voices work together as a team, guiding our students to make good choices. Students’ voices are heard by all adults. They speak to us about how they learn best and what matters to them. Our voice includes the voices of parents, instructional assistants, bus drivers, custodians – all staff – all Cragmont community members.

The Children:
Our children leave Cragmont feeling embraced, loved and valued as individuals, knowing that they have mastered the necessary skills. They go on with the confidence that they can meet the challenges ahead, strong in their academics, competent as problem-solvers, knowing they can make a difference, knowing how to make themselves heard. They are vital, compassionate beings, caring and kind.

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