PTA Enrichment Classes

The Cragmont PTA Enrichment Classes are after school classes held at Cragmont to provide opportunities for students to explore additional interests and subjects, and most of all, to have fun! The program is organized by parent volunteers and taught by independent instructors or organizations. Classes are offered in three sessions per year (Fall, Winter, Spring). See below for registration information, class descriptions, classroom assignments, and session calendar.

Winter 2018-19 Class Schedule is HERE! see link below

REGISTRATION STARTS Monday, January 14, 8:00am

Class sizes are limited and are first-come, first-served

DEADLINE TO ENROLL IS Friday, January 18

Most classes start the week of January 22 (see schedule for details)


  • Please email NOW through Friady, January 18 or contact Family Engagement specialist Karime Blanco at
  • For Spanish translation, please contact
  • Send in the scholarship form (see link below) electronically to, or a paper copy to the office

These classes are open to all students, including those enrolled in LEARNS. Fees apply whether or not student is enrolled in LEARNS. 

  • Please note the short enrollment period due to classes starting soon after. Please register on time! We need to get the most accurate rosters to the class instructors, Cragmont teachers, & LEARNS staff before Monday
  • Scholarships: A limited number of full and partial (50%) scholarships are available on an honor system based on true financial need. To apply for a scholarship, please complete a scholarship request form (see below).  Scholarships are also subject to lottery if more requests are made than we have available scholarships. Only one scholarship per term per child.
  • Donations: Donations to the Scholarship fund are also needed and welcome. Please consider giving a small amount with your registration.
  • Registration: When enrollment starts, there will be a link below, Register Here. Paper forms are available in the office – please return to the PTA mailbox with payment as soon as possible.
  • Payment: Pay by credit card with online registration. If paying by check, make checks payable to Cragmont PTA. All classes need to be paid for by Friday, January 18.
  • Refunds: must be requested BEFORE the third week of class begins
  • Behavior policies: apply for all classes. Students may be excused with or without a refund if they do not follow behavior policies. Students are expected to respect the feelings, rights, and property of others, and not disrupt the class.
  • Before class: K kids will be collected from their classrooms or kindergarten yard M/T/T/F, and on the steps in the plaza outside the MPR on Wednesdays; Gr 1-5 LEARNS kids will be collected from LEARNS; non-LEARNS kids will meet on the steps in the plaza outside of the MPR. Please remind your student on the day of their class
  • After class: Please pick up and sign out your student on time at the end of class; LEARNS students will return to LEARNS.  Students not enrolled in LEARNS do not have supervision.
  • Confirmation: Emails will be sent out the weekend between enrollment ending and class starting


—>>>Click Here to Register<<<— 

Important Documents:

Registration & Scholarship Form

 WINTER 2018-19 Enrichment Class Catalog


Winter 2018-19 PTA Enrichment Classes
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Sarah’s Science(K) 2:20-3:15

(Gr 1-4) 3:25-4:25

Room 303*

Soccer(K) 2:20-3:20

(Gr 1-3) 3:25-4:25


Chess(Gr 1-5) 2:25-3:25

Room 303*

Capoeira(K) 2:25-3:05

Room 101

(Gr 1-5) 3:15-4:15

Art Gallery**

Fiber Fun(K) 2:20-3:05

(Gr 1-5) 3:15-4:15

Room 103

Art w/ Ellen(K) 2:20-3:20

(Gr 1-5) 3:25-4:25

Room 107

Coding’s a SNAP!(Gr 4-5) 3:15-4:15

Room 201

Cooking(K-5) 2:25-3:15

Room 207

Drama(K) 2:25-3:05

(Gr 1-5) 3:15-4:15

Room 303*

African Drumming(Gr 1-5) 3:25-4:25

Room 107

Coding Frenzy(Gr 2-3) 3:15-4:15

Room 201

KinderBots(K) 2:20-3:05


(Gr 1-3) 3:15-4:30

Room 303*

Art w/ Ellen(K-5) 2:25-3:25

Room 107

KickSmart(Gr 1-5) 3:20-4:20

Art Gallery**

*Room 303 is the room located in the Library
**Art Gallery is the indoor area on the lowest level next to Room 107


WINTER Session 2018-19 Calendar—No classes on days in GREY—
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Jan 7 8 9 10 11
14 – REGISTRATION BEGINS 8:00am 15 – Makeup class for Fall Soccer 16 17 18 – REGISTRATION ENDS 11:59pm
Most classes begin 21 22 – First day for Soccer 23 – First day for Chess, Wed Art 24 – First day for Capoeira, Drama 25 – First day for Fiber Fun, African Drumming
28 29 – First day for Tue Coding, KinderBOTS/RobotED 30 – First day for Cooking 31 Feb 1
4 – All Monday classes begin 5 6 7 8
11 12 13 14 15 – Lincoln’s Bday
18 – President’s Day 19 20 – NO COOKING 21 22
25 26 27 28 Mar 1
4 5 – Last day for Soccer 6 7 8
11 12 13 14 15
Most classes end 18 19 20 21 22
25 26 27 – makeup day for Cooking 28 29
Total 6 7/8 8/9 9 8


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