School Site Council (SSC)

The School Governance (SGC) is the committee that examines student achievement data and school needs, and makes a plan every year to address those needs.  The SGC decides how to spend the money schools receive from local (Measure A/BSEP), state, and federal governments, determining budget and spending priorities for the year.  Serving on the SGC is a great way to learn about your child’s school, and to guide funding decisions at the school.

The SGC focuses on:

  1. Setting high academic goals and developing programs to help ALL students achieve their goals
  2. Determining funding priorities and promoting innovative programs
  3. Supporting our teachers, staff, students and families

The SGC strives to:

  1. Meet the needs of ALL students
  2. Cultivate a welcoming school climate
  3. Forge a strong home-school connection

The School Governance Council, in collaboration with the School Advisory Council, had produced a new School Site Plan with three objectives for 2014-2015:

  • To ensure all students will demonstrate grade level proficiency in literacy and mathematics, and English learners will demonstrate at least one year of progress towards English fluency
  • To implement strategies to promote student success
  • To increase efforts and accountability in area of communication and support with families and the community

 Cragmont Site Plan 2014-2015

The goals, projects and programs developed by the principal, teachers, support staff, parents and community, are funded through federal and state monies, Measure A (our city’s bond initiative for smaller class size, the arts, technology, libraries and outreach – managed by the BSEP committee) and grants.

If you are looking to make a difference at our school, or have a project you would like to start for Cragmont, this committee is the place to be! At the beginning of the school year, elections will be held for the SGC. Info and nomination forms are usually available at Back to School Night in early September.

Parent/community positions are a 2-year commitment, with meetings once a month. SGC typically meets the second Tuesday of each month from 4-6pm.

2016-2017 SGC Team

The School Governance Council is comprised of the Principal, 6 elected parents and/or community members, 5 elected teachers and staff members (at least one must be classified), and 4 alternates (2 parent and 2 teachers/staff).

Council Members will be posted after elections.

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