Ways to Volunteer

Volunteers play a vital role our children’s learning and are critical to our School’s success. We ask that each family volunteer 20 hours per year to our school. There are many fun ways to volunteer and it’s a great way to meet other parents and connect with the community at large. Below are areas where parent volunteers are welcome and the contact person for each category. You may also contact PTAvolunteers@cragmont.org or 510-644-8810.

Academic tutoring in the classroom

During the first month of school the teacher and students are getting to know one another. Teachers often prefer to start using parent volunteers in the classroom toward the end of September/early October. However, there will typically be a volunteer sign-up sheet in your child’s classroom on Back-to-School Night.

As a volunteer, you can choose to work with a specific teacher at any grade level – in small groups, or with individual students. You might oversee skill building in reading, math or writing, and/or provide support for the teacher’s classroom operations – such as correcting papers or preparing materials for class. You are welcome and encouraged to participate in field trips, supervise the playground at lunchtime, or enjoy lunch in the Multi-Purpose Room with your child’s class. You may also be interested in bringing your expertise in a certain field or study into the classroom. Please speak with the teacher to find out more about any of these opportunities!

Contact: PTAvolunteers@cragmont.org or your child’s classroom teacher.

Fundraising and Grant Writing Committee

The fundraising committee runs our direct donations campaign, upon which we depend to raise 60-70% of our annual PTA budget. Your help is needed is draft our fundraising messages and letters, update our spreadsheets, send thank you letters, print and sign letters, make follow-up phone calls, and more. Involvement opportunities are flexible! Even if you only want to serve on our committee in an advisory capacity, we can use your help.

The Grant Committee meets regularly to discuss potential grants to fund various programs at Cragmont. The Committee welcomes any and all parents who are interested in researching, writing, and partnering with teachers to submit grant applications to both private/public organizations.

Contact: PTAfundraising@cragmont.org or PTAgrants@cragmont.org

Room Parent

A great way to help your child’s class is to be a Room Parent. Room Parents are especially helpful in making sure we are able to pull off school-wide fun events for the children, like Halloween and staffing the class booth for Spring Carnival. They do this by organizing parents from each classroom to help. They also coordinate their classes’ help in providing a wonderful staff appreciation brunch four times a year (which will be announced later in the fall).

Room parents help the teacher in ways that he or she might need, each teacher has different needs and expectations. Note: It can be very helpful to have two room parents, to provide back-up support, and to share responsibilities like coordinating permission slips and parent chaperones for field trips. Room parents often help with general networking and coordinating a yearly class picnic.

Contact: Your teacher

School Governance Council

The School Governance (SGC) is the committee that examines student achievement data and school needs, and makes a plan every year to address those needs. Learn more about it here.

Contact: SGC@cragmont.org

The Green Team

The Green Team works to improve the sustainability practices at Cragmont. This is a district-wide endeavor, so the green team will receive support and assistance from BUSD.

Contact: Franziska Raedeker

Internet Team

The Cragmont Internet Team works on various projects throughout the year, including managing the school website, managing the school and class emails lists, and publishing the yearly PTA School Directory. Most of the volunteer time can be done from home. Plus, you don’t need a degree in computer science to contribute!

Contact: Internet@cragmont.org

Incoming Parent Outreach

Represents Cragmont at the BUSD Kindergarten fair, information nights, attends K playdates.

Auction Committee

A night out of fun and fundraising in February. Join the committee and help make it a success.

Spring Carnival and Quilt Raffle Committee

Our main fundraising event is in early May (rain or shine). The event includes games with prizes for all ages, a cake and wine walk, a “food court” and exciting student performances and live music from Cragmont musicians and a Quilt raffle.

It takes many volunteers to make this event a success. It’s easy to get involved and we are always looking for leaders and team members to coordinate different aspects of the day. The General Coordinator (or Co-Coordinators) oversees the event, ordering the necessary equipment (such as tables) and prizes, the Games Coordinator assigns and oversees classroom parent volunteers for each game, including set-up and clean-up. The Dad’s Club sets up and makes sure the games are in working order before the event. The Food Coordinator oversees purchasing, set-up, serving and cleanup of the Food Court.

Simultaneously, there is a drawing for the Quilt Raffle during the event. At the end of February, a group of crafty parents decide on the annual quilt design and put there plan to action. Sewn by many helping hands, it can be done at home or with the group. The Quilt Raffle Coordinator and team also organizes packets of tickets for each student to sell to win this quilt and raise money for our school as well as counting and refreshing packets each morning for three to four weeks prior to the event. They love to have extra hands during the counting — ten to thirty minutes in the morning every day is helpful. There are additional raffle prizes included in the drawing. The Quilt Raffle Drawing takes place at the end of the Carnival. The winner does not need to be present to win.

Contact: Open, PTAvolunteers@cragmont.org


Black Parent Advocacy Group

The goals of the Black Parent Advocacy Group (BPAG) are:
· To promote and foster parent involvement and engagement in the academic lives of Black children in our school and district;
· To encourage all parents to be strong advocates for the education of Black children, as well as all children in their communities; and
· To help achieve academic equity and excellence in our school and district.

Contact: Carol Hedgspeth

Front Desk/Playground

Front desk coverage and helping the school secretary with notices and filing.

The playground is large and needs extra adults to monitor the children’s activities.

Contact: PTAvolunteers@cragmont.org

Art/Science shows

Volunteers are always needed to help set up for special events, such as the Art Shows and the May Science Fair. Ask each teacher how you might help.

Contacts: Art Instructor, Ellen Evangeliste, or Science Teacher, Cherene Filligim-Selk.

Dad’s Club

Dad’s Club (not just dads! join if you are interested!) helps out around the school with various projects and efforts. Besides the popular Haunted Hallway, the Dad’s Club has been known to build shelves, ramps and do general improvement projects around our great facility. They also play a large role each year at the Spring Carnival, including the creation and maintenance of our wonderful games.

Contact: Damon Hedgepeth, PTAcrew@cragmont.org


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