Student Life

At Cragmont, teachers and specialists combine academic rigor and intellectual challenge with strong support for students of all abilities. We emphasize the fundamentals of reading comprehension, clear writing, and basic mathematics. Strongly integrated with this core emphasis are Enrichment programs in science, technology, art, dance, and music. All students receive a minimum of two hours of arts instruction every week.

We are fortunate to be a Two-Way Immersion School with native speakers of English and Spanish from grades K to 5th. Our goal is for students to become fluent and literate in English and Spanish. The program design emphasizes Spanish in the early grades and English in later grades.

We value volunteer involvement at Cragmont, and families are an important and active part of our community. Parent, care givers and guardians assist teachers in the classroom, chaperone field trips, help in the library, supervise students in the yard, and help in other important ways.

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