Transportation, Pick-up & Drop-off

District Bus Transportation

Any child living in the central zone further than one and one-half miles from school has the opportunity to be picked up from and dropped off at a designated bus stop each day. All transportation details and questions can be discussed by calling the BUSD Office of Transportation at 510-644-6182.

District information may be found here:

Public Transportation (AC Transit)

The 67 Line stops at Spruce/Marin, the southwest corner of Cragmont. Also, the 65 Line stops at Euclid/Marin, which is 2 blocks from school.

Schedules are available at any local library or online at the AC Transit website.


There are multiple entrance/exit points to our campus.

Spruce Street Stairs

For safety reasons, students to be dropped off should be done so at the bottom of the stairs on Spruce Street, where a staff person waits in the morning to greet students after 8:45am. There is a school bus stop directly in front of the stairs, but there is a passenger loading/unloading zone in front of that. Please note that the passenger loading/unloading zone is limited to ten minute parking.

Regal Road (main office entrance)

For students using the front entrance, please park legally and walk your student in. Regal is a narrow roadway where there are often deliveries.

Marin Avenue Driveway

If you enter through the playground entrance on Marin Avenue, be advised that there is fast and dangerous traffic on Marin. Although there is a driveway on Marin, with a fire lane next to it, parking in both is prohibited at all times unless you are a BUSD maintenance vehicle or designated emergency vehicle, and traffic officers will and do issue tickets. For security reasons, the Marin Gate will be locked from 9:15-2:15 daily.


If you are parking in the neighborhood, please be careful not to block any driveways. Your car may be towed as a result. But more importantly, we care about our neighbors and their relationship to our school.

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