Teachers & Staff

Cragmont’s dedicated teachers, specialists, and staff create challenging and safe learning environments that encourage academic excellence, communication, and cooperation with peers.

Some teachers provide useful information, such as general class information, downloadable forms and notes, and learning resources online. Teachers with a class webpage have their names hyperlinked in the table below.

 Core Curriculum

Course Room Teacher
Kindergarten Room 101 Meredith Aki
Kindergarten Room 102 Pamela Diebel
Kindergarten Room 103 Michelle Johnson
Grade 1 Room 104 Erica Rojo
Grade 1 Room 207 Adria Rosen
Grade 2 Room 106 Kellie McElhaney
Grade 2 Room 108 Suzanne Torres
Grade 2 Room 207 Carlos Cruciani
Grade 3 Room 109 Mollie Blustein
Grade 3 Room 202 Eleanor Tiglao
Grade 3 Room 203 Nicholas Williams
Grade 3 Room 109 Karen Famous
Grade 3 Room 208 Mollie Bluesstein
Grade 4 Room 201 Stefanie Wissmann
Grade 4 Room 205  Sara Elberg
Grade 4 Room 210 Claire Dugan
Grade 5 TWI Room 206 Nancy King
Grade 5 Room 204 Jill Moniz
Grade 5 Room 209 Carole Goyen
SDC/CE Grades 2-5 Room 110 TBD

 Additional Faculty and Staff

Position Name
Digital Arts Ellen Evangeliste
Science (4, 5) Cherene Fillingim-Selk
Dance (1, 2, 4, 5) Rosemary Hannon
Dance (K, 3) Shania Hart
Literacy Coach Jenn Pfotenhauer
English Language Development Cathy Ball
Family Engagement Director Karime Blanco
School Counselor Emily Haydock, Jen Poole
School Psychologist Kari O’Connor
Inclusion Specialist Kristie Kopp
Occupational Therapist Medha Garg
Resource Specialist Julia Hart
RTI Coordinator Cathie Irwin
Speech Jacenta Murch
Seneca Therapist Ali Kimmel
SPED Teacher Peggy Nesbit
Librarian Jackie Overlid
School Secretary Tara Jones
Parent Liaison Karime Blanco
Office Staff Sheyla Flores, Erma Leyandre
After School Program Veronika Huntsberry
Nutrition Services Bonita Everfield
Custodian Jack Ray

Tutoring and Student Support

Cragmont provides a variety of individualized programs and services to help improve the level of learning and success for all students. Services include: one-on-one remedial reading program for  first and second graders; one-on-one tutoring in reading, writing and math by a team of resource specialists, our literacy coach, and trained volunteers from the community for all grades; speech therapy; and psychological counseling.

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