3rd Grade

Third grade is an exciting year educationally, where students grow as thinkers and put skills to work on more sophisticated learning. We work to expand our knowledge of the world around us in science, where we learn about animal adaptations, energy and matter, and patterns in the sky. We also study our community over time in social studies. Math includes a larger emphasis on multiplication, division, and fractions. We focus on becoming independent readers, writers, and thinkers.

A recurring theme throughout our year is that WE ARE ALL SMART! Students learn the many different ways they are smart with words, numbers, music, movement, nature, art, and people. As teachers, we place great importance on developing social skills as well as fostering a well-rounded set of academic skills. Students work collaboratively to become strong individuals with good work habits and to become responsible members of our classroom and extended community. To promote collaborative learning, students work in partners, by table teams, and small groups in a wide variety of activities. In third grade, there are many exciting units of study that help build an engaged and caring community of learners.

Curriculum Overview

For a detailed overview of the curriculum, check out the complete grade-level curriculum from the California Department of Education’s Common Core State Standards.

3rd Grade Classrooms

There are 4 third grade classes.

Below are the third grade classrooms. Teachers with a class webpage have their names hyperlinked below.

Class Room Teacher
Grade 3 Room 202 Eleanor Tiglao
Grade 3 Room 109 Janine Herbertson
Grade 3 Room 208 Mollie Blustein
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