4th-5th Grade

There are 4 fourth grade classes and 3 fifth grade classes, which includes a combined TWI classroom in each grade.

Fourth and fifth grade students are also taught science by Ms. Cherene.

Below are the fourth and fifth grade classrooms. Teachers with a class webpage have their names hyperlinked below.

Class Room Teacher
Grade 4 TWI Room 206 Jessica Mejia-Smith
Grade 4 Room 201 Stefanie Wissmann
Grade 4 Room 210 Claire Dugan
Grade 4 Room 211 Jess Login
Grade 5 TWI Room 206 Nancy King
Grade 5 Room 204 Jill Montgomery Moniz
Grade 5 Room 209 Carole Goyen
Grade 4-5 Science Cherene Fillingim-Selk

Curriculum Overview

For a detailed overview of the curriculum, check out the complete grade-level curriculum from the California Department of Education’s Common Core State Standards.

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