Enrichment Courses

Visual Arts

Cragmont works within the state arts standards in a variety of media and techniques. Kindergarten students receive 55 minutes per week during the school year, and 1st-5th graders receive almost 2 hours of art a week for half the year. Art is also offered in the After School Program throughout the week. Student work is featured at the Winter Faire in December and the Open House in May.


Cragmont’s dance teachers work with Kindergarten students who receive 30 minutes of dance per week, while grades 1-5 receive 45 minutes per week. Students work on movement as well as traditional dance from many cultures. Student dance is featured at the Winter Faire, African-American Heritage Celebration, and Cinco de Mayo.


BUSD district music teachers work with grades 3-5. 3rd grade receives 45 minutes of music instruction weekly; 4th and 5th grade receive 90 minutes. Grade 3 learns song flute/recorder and focuses on Orff-Kodaly methodology. In Grades 4 and 5, students choose an instrument that they can take home to practice with and receive instrumental music instruction.


All students receive science instruction not only from their teacher but from a specialist as well. K-3 classes receive Life Sciences/Garden Instruction from Erica Woll at various times through the year, working in the outdoor garden space. Grades 4-5 classes receive at least 90 minutes of standards-based science from Cherene Fillingim-Selk.

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