Science Fair

The Science Fair is usually held during Open House (May) in the Cragmont Library.

Any student can submit a project for the Science Fair and it is a requirement for all 4th and 5th grade Science students. Ms. Cherene works with 4th and 5th grade students on their projects during their science classes 2 months prior to the fair.

Science Fair Packets are handed out to students. is a web site with tons of information on how to do a great science fair project. You might want to bookmark the site.

Below is the timeline for 2016-17 and resources to help students complete their projects.

Project Timeline

Due Dates Description
Mon March 27 Choose topic and check and gather resources: books, experts, written material. If you need help picking a topic, try the topic wizard.
Mon April 10 Bring all reference materials to learn how to write a bibliography.
Begin putting your project notebook together.
Start your experiment.

When you are looking for information on the Internet, how do you know if what you are reading is good reliable information?  Here is a link to a Website Reliability Checklist

Mon April 17 Final draft of background research report for credit. Here is a link to the format for the background research paper.
Design visual aids, take photographs, complete research, consult with experts.
Mon April 24 Continue experiments and collect items for your display.
Mon May 1 Turn in rough draft of complete report for credit and feedback. Finish experiments and record data, double check all written data, design and assemble graphs/charts, complete lettering for display board
Mon May 8 Write and type final report; set up display
Wed May 17 Bring completed display and final report to school
Thu May 18 SCIENCE FAIR!!!



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