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Nichelle Pete, Inclusion Specialist

I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I have a very large extended family and we are all very close. We gather for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions. We all talk with each other weekly through phone calls, texts, and social media. I was raised with the understanding that as an African American woman, I would need to work harder than some, but to never settle for subpar treatment. This is one of the many reasons why I fight for equity, respect, cultural competence and so much more.


I was always taught that it is important to always do your best. Whatever level your best is, it is great because it’s the best you can do. So, I’ve always been centered around meeting people where they are and going from there. Sometimes that means teaching people how to just make it through the day, week, etc. 


I love reading books, writing poetry, swimming, being by/near water, make-up, watching sports, listening to music, dancing, and wearing animal ears (as some of you already know lol). I also LOVE animals!!


I attended Berkeley Schools (Malcolm X, Longfellow and Berkeley High School). I attended UCLA for college. When I chose UCLA, I knew nothing about the school at all! I chose my college at random (please do better than I did!). Despite 

not knowing anything about the campus, I graduated from UCLA with a BA in English and a minor in Education in just four years. When I came back home, I took a position as a Sylvan Learning tutor and supervisor in Richmond. Since the job was only part time, I chose to also take some classes at the local community colleges. There, I managed to get an associate’s degree in creative writing, poetry, and American Sign Language, as well as several certificates of completion for screenwriting, early childhood education, and American Sign Language. 


I loved working and teaching children so much that I took a position in BUSD as a special education instructional assistant. I eventually became an after school instructional assistant and a behavioral intervention specialist. After so many years of working as an aide, I decided to become a special education teacher. After 2 and a half years of taking classes while working, I graduated from San Francisco State University with a Masters in Special Education and a certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder. 


Everyday I am learning more and more about teaching, life itself, and myself. I hope you’ll never stop learning and exploring the world and the various cultures within it.


~Nichelle Pete, Inclusion Specialist

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