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April 23, 2020 - PTA General Meeting

Cragmont Elementary School PTA General Meeting Agenda

April 23, 2020

6:33 P.M.

PTA General Meeting
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I. List of Attendees at end of document.

II. Call to order: Meeting called to order by James Na at 6:39 P.M.

III. Agenda

  • Fundraising - Micha

    • An estimated $ 104,000 raised this year til Shelter in Place (includes recurring payments

    • $60,000 shortfall due to loss of Auction, Raffle, Carnival etc

    • $8500 was raised after SIP

    • Last year a total of 120K was raised so we were on track to meet 160K goal til SIP

    • May 4th will launch a straight ask for donations

  • Budget

    • James + Avi + Michelle have been working on cost management

    • 2020-2021 Fundraising goal will remain the same at $160,000

    • Budget to be revisited and amended in Sept but needs to be voted on May 21st

    • Goal for budget is to reduce expenses as much as possible but retain FTE positions

* Nominations

  • James - Presiden

  • Micha - Executive VP

  • Jen - Director of Communications

  • Maria - VP of fundraising

IV. 7:33 PM - Meeting adjourned


James Na

Melvina Lee

Karen Na

Lindsey Nofelt

Jennifer Ruppert


Michelle Sinclair


Micha Oliver

Jill Miller

Nimota Abina

Anne Rey

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