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Elementary School Enrollment Form Due Thursday, March 11 / Formulario de Inscripción para la Escuela

Please read Sup. Stephen's message to the community from March 8, 2021:

We’re happy to share that based on the continuing positive dialogue with our Berkeley Federation of Teachers and Berkeley Council of Classified Employees partners, and also thanks to the successful vaccination program offered to BUSD staff by the City of Berkeley, we expect to be able to offer elementary school families the option to return their students to a five-day schedule of on-campus learning.
The details of the on-campus five-day model are still to be finalized, and we have work ahead of us to quickly determine schedules, campus logistics for this number of students, and bus transportation opportunities at each school.

Full message here:

Then, complete the binding enrollment preference form by Thursday, March 11, 2021:

We recognize that you don’t have all the details of the program to consider, but we do need you to tell us whether your child would return to school in person or not so that we can plan. We will work to share updates over the next few weeks, as we finalize details of the 5-day program and the distance learning staffing.

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