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2020 Virtual Winter Faire

We can't meet in-person this year, but that doesn't mean we can't gather to celebrate and connect with each other! We have FIVE nights of community activities planned. Please see below for details. 

DATES: Monday, December 14 – Friday, December 18

TIME: 6-6:30pm (each night!)

ZOOM INFO: Check your email!

Supplies for each child to participate in this slate of events have been distributed with your classroom material pickups. If you haven't received supplies for your child, please let us know.


Todd Parr


Grab a cup of hot cocoa (provided by the PTA) get cozy, and enjoy hearing Berkeley Author Todd Parr read The Joyful Book

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 7.21.14 PM.png

Make Diwali Lanterns with Ms. Ellen

Make a paper lantern that celebrates the Diwali Festival of Lights. Supplies provided by the PTA!


Popcorn Garlands

with Principal Cannon

Pop a bag of the good stuff (provided by the PTA) and join our own Principal Cannon to learn to string what doesn't get eaten into a cheerful holiday decoration.

Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 3.15.48 PM.png

Winter Sing-a-long

Get loud and join in singing along with Dr. Glenda, who is sharing winter songs celebrating many cultures.



Learn about Kwanzaa with guest speaker Muriel Johnson. Then, get your boogie on and learn a fantastic Kwanzaa dance to celebrate the season.


TODD PARR: Monday 12/14 @ 6pm


Grab your hot cocoa (in the supply kit) and settle in to listen to world famous Berkeley guest author Todd Parr read The Joyful Book, talk about how and why he started writing, share about his dogs, and answer student questions.


  • We have another partnership with Pegasus, they will give the school 30% in credits again if families want to get their own copy of the book to read along, mention CRAGMONT.

  • If your family has a question for Todd Parr, please send it to your room parent. He will only be answering questions provided in advance.

Tomorrow, we will be making popcorn garlands with Principal Cannon. 

  • PRO TIP: Stale popcorn does not break as easily while stringing, pop your popcorn tonight and hide it from hungry bellies!


POPCORN GARLANDS: Tuesday 12/15 @ 6pm


Grab your popcorn, embroidery thread, and needle (in the supply kit) and join our very own Principal Cannon in making garlands. Parents will need to assist younger children in cutting string, knotting string and threading the needle. 


  • Optional: "Spice up" the garland (by dying popcorn, oil or tempera paint methods; adding cranberries, etc.) 

  • Stale popcorn does not break as easily while stringing, so if you have time to pop in advance, that will help the success of the craft. If not, no worries!


Tomorrow, we will be dancing a Kwanzaa line dance. 

We’ll learn about Kwanzaa and sing a song with talented storyteller Muriel Johnson, then join in a fun Kwanzaa dance!


KWANZAA DANCE: Wednesday 12/16 @ 6pm


Learn about Kwanzaa which focuses on handmade gifts (zawadi) and gifts to children for promises made and promises kept with guest speaker Muriel Johnson. Then, get your boogie on and learn a fantastic Kwanzaa dance to celebrate the season (along with the music of Teddy Pendergrass) with parent Dee Dee Ogawa.


  • Ms. G has been teaching some students the moves to this dance, so your children can help you! She’s put together an awesome tutorial as well!

  • Make sure you have an open space where you won’t trip during the dance.


Tomorrow, we will be making Diwali lanterns. 

Be sure to join us while Ms. Ellen leads a Diwali inspired craft. You can download a PDF below, or view the video tutorial that inspired the lantern.


DIWALI LANTERNS: Thursday 12/17 @ 6pm


Learn about Diwali with guest speakers Kaavya & Pratiyush from the UC Berkeley Indian Student Association. Be sure to have your construction paper, battery tea light, and shiny paper from the supply kit (you’ll also need a ruler, pencil, scissors and glue) to make a beautiful paper lantern with our very own art teacher Ms. Ellen. Parents will need to assist younger students.


  • Optional: You can view the video tutorial that inspired the lantern.


Tomorrow, we will be singing songs. 

For our last evening of Winter Faire fun, we’ll be having some unmuted loud singing of winter songs from around the world. Lyrics are available below.


SING-A-LONG: Friday 12/18 @ 6pm


Get ready for some loud fun! Sing along to winter songs celebrating many cultures. 

Be sure to download the song lyrics ahead of time at so you can join in with Dr. Glenda Bates, a wonderful local teaching artist who is lending us her talents with voice and ukulele. 


Have a wonderful winter break!!!

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