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BUSD School Bus


Any child living in the Central Zone, further than 1 ½ miles from the school, has the opportunity to be picked up from and dropped off at a designated bus stop each day. Contact BUSD Office of Transportation for bus assignments.


BUSD OFFICE OF TRANSPORTATION departments/ transportation/

(510) 644-6182



At Cragmont, you can obtain a 1-day bus pass for special circumstances and this needs to be completed and signed by a parent. Please see Sheyla Flores at the front office to make this request; please know the bus stop and number.



For safety reasons we recommend that students be dropped off at the bottom of the stairs on Spruce Street where a staff person waits in the morning to greet our students as they arrive. Be advised that buses park at the base of the steps and cars cannot park in the designated bus parking or you will be ticketed.



Regal Road Drop Off/Pick up requires you to park in a legal spot and walk in with your child. You cannot double park and drop off your child on this road as it is narrow and often congested.



There is no parking on Marin Street. The entrance via the playground can be accessed by parking in a legal spot and walking, using the crosswalk at Cragmont Ave and Marin Ave, where a crossing guard is available to assist.  You must walk in with your child. Traffic is dangerous and fast moving on Marin, be very careful and use only designated crosswalks. The intersection of Marin and Spruce also has a crossing guard to facilitate safely crossing at that crosswalk. Please do not block driveways.  Your car may be towed and we are all working to share a very congested spot at key times.


Parents/guardians, visitors and students who arrive after 9:15 am, must enter through the main office and sign in.

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