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Cragmont's Art teacher works with students in kindergarten, first, second and third grades all year for 45 minutes per week. Fourth and fifth graders receive 45 minutes a week for one semester for 45. Students work with various mediums and study different art forms throughout the year. This is fully funded by the PTA.



Cragmont dance teachers work with students in kindergarten, 30 minutes a week, and grades 1-3 have dance for 45 minutes per week. Students work on movement as well as traditional dance from many cultures. Student performances happen throughout the year.


Third grade students receive 45 minutes of music instruction weekly and 4th/5th graders receive 90 minutes weekly. BUSD district music teachers work with grade 3-5th. Third graders receive instruction on song/flute recorder, which focuses on Orff-Kodaly methodology. 4th and 5th grade students choose and instrument and receive instrumental music instruction. Kindergarten classes have bilingual singing classes funded by the PTA.



K-5th graders work with a Garden Teacher twice per month during the school day both in the class and in the garden. This is partially funded by the PTA.

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