Universal Breakfast

Universal breakfast is available every day to all children free of charge. At Cragmont, we distribute the food to classrooms, where it is eaten as a community meal during the early portion of the school day.



Hot Lunch

Every day our students are offered a hot lunch with a separate salad bar served in the cafeteria. BUSD Nutrition Services takes great care in providing high quality, nutritious lunches for our students. Join your student for lunch someday!



Elementary school lunch costs $4.00 for student meals and $5.75 for adult meals. Lunch is available at free and reduced rates by completing an application – available in the front office or in the packet of materials that come home the first week of school.



  • Online: The easiest way to pay for school lunches is to set up an account and pay through A small fee applies to advanced purchases, but the site keeps track of spending and you will receive an email notification when your account balance is low.

  • Cash/Check: You may also take cash or a check directly to the cafeteria most mornings and use the website to keep track of your account.