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The Cragmont PTA is a school-based, non-profit organization that supports our school and children in a variety of ways. We fund enrichment programs, specialized support for some students, supplies for all teachers, and we also organize a series of community-building events each year. Finally, we sponsor a rich array of after school enrichment classes. We have a lot of fun making our school the best it can possibly be!  

If you would like to be involved, or have questions, email:

Who We Are

2022/23 PTA BOARD

2022/23 SUPPORT TEAMS​​​

  • The Cragmont Fund – Nimota Abina, Anna Sale

  • Passive Fundraisers – Melinda McLaughlin

  • PTA Afterschool Enrichment  Sheyla Flores, OPEN

  • Communications Diana Stock, Lindsay Nofelt

  • Spanish Translation  Sheyla Flores

  • Web Admin - OPEN

  • Facebook Admin – Di Tsoi

  • Systems AdministrationOPEN 

  • Cragmont Gear  Diana Stock 

  • Room Parent Coordinator – Dia Clarance

  • Volunteer Coordinator(s) – Arron Sweeney 

  • Staff Appreciation Lunch Co-Chairs – Jessie Jackson, OPEN

  • Rainbow (LGBTQ) Family Chair – Jessie Jackson

  • Equity and Diversity Chair  Larez Davenport

  • Inclusion Family Chair  Alicia Henson 

  • Green Team  Julie Herson


  • Winter Faire OPEN

  • Spring Auction   OPEN

  • Raffle  OPEN

  • Spring Carnival  OPEN

  • Read-A-Thon  OPEN

What We Do


  1. The PTA helps fund vital programs that require financial assistance in order to continue. Our PTA is able to fund programs such as; art, dance, music, and afterschool enrichment classes.

  2. The PTA funds empowering programs that teach conflict resolution through peace. Cragmont works with MOSAIC Project, an experiential program that celebrates diversity, teaches empathy, assertiveness and peaceful conflict resolution.

  3. The PTA helps kids be successful. Research shows that kids do better in school when their parents are engaged in the community. There are so many ways to be involved at Cragmont! You can participate in PTA meetings, hold a position on the PTA board, lend a hand at fundraisers, conduct school tours or volunteer in the classroom.

  4. The PTA builds community. Our active calendar of diverse school activities and events provides the opportunity to form lasting bonds with fellow families within the Cragmont community.


Becoming a PTA Member is inexpensive ($10 minimum) and is open to all families (Noteto increase inclusivity and participation, the PTA Board may waive the membership fee, to be determined annually by the PTA Board).

Your membership:

  • Contributes to our annual fundraising goal

  • Gives you a voice in programs and activities

  • Keeps our school community vibrant

  • Supports statewide and districtwide PTA programs and lobbying efforts 


Typically, PTA meetings are held on weekday evenings via Zoom. Pre-COVID, PTA meetings were held the third Thursday of each month in the school’s library. Dinner and childcare were historically provided for your convenience for in-person meetings. Check the calendar on the homepage for the most up to date PTA meeting information. 

We would love to have everyone attend. We need your ideas, organizing, and general help!  There are so many ways to be involved here at Cragmont that fit all levels of availability. 

Join the PTA!

Fill out your name and email address to be added to the PTA membership roster. Those active in the last 30 days may vote.

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