Emergency FAQ for Parents and Caregivers

The Katz Act (CEC § 35295-35297), requires that Cragmont have a site disaster plan that outlines roles, responsibilities, and procedures for students and staff. It also requires that the school site emergency management organizational structures comply with SEMS (Standardized Emergency Management Systems), and be ready for implementation at all times.


Please read these FAQs to prepare for an emergency.


Help Cragmont Elementary Be Prepared for Emergencies!


Between regional red flag wildfire warnings, electricity shut offs, and seismic activity, it’s essential that we get ready for the kinds of emergencies scientists say are inevitable. 


Our school still needs essential items to help teachers and students stay safe in an emergency event. Currently, our teachers urgently need backpacks to keep “go-bag” items in so hands are free to help guide and comfort students, reusable water bottles for each classroom, and tents to create shade. 

Backpack example.png

Take action today by purchasing and donating quality, long-lasting supplies from our Amazon Wishlist (http://amzn.to/376z5KD). Items will be shipped directly to school and stored securely, ready to be used if needed. 


For more on emergency plans at Cragmont, email: BePrepared@cragmont.org.

BUY ITEMS FOR THE KIT: amzn.to/376z5KD

Plan for emergencies

To increase the likelihood that you will receive the information you need in an emergency, sign up as many contact methods as possible. Elect to receive both voice messages and texts, and sign up using multiple email addresses.



Register for alerts at home, work, and school addresses: www.acalert.org


Sources for emergency instructions & information


    • 1610 AM

    • KPFB 89.3 FM

    • KQED 88.5 FM

    • KCBS 740 AM

    • KSOL 98.9 FM (Spanish)


Share emergency information with the people around you.

These systems are not guaranteed to work in an emergency.

Be ready to use many different sources to find information.