How is Cragmont prepared?

Students and staff conduct various preparedness drills throughout the school year. Cragmont staff are assigned roles and responsibilities during emergencies, and practice those roles. The Berkeley Fire Department Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) provides informational support and advisory feedback for the Cragmont staff during drills. Cragmont is equipped with extended shelf life water and three day supply of food. If necessary to evacuate, King Middle School is Cragmont’s designated location. Cragmont is ONLY a community disaster zone if the Mayor mandates it and supported with additional services.

How will I be contacted?

The paper Emergency Contact forms filled out at the beginning of the year are used as a back up in the event computers are down. BUSD’s Illuminate system will be used in conjunction, if available. Please ensure to identify an out-of-state contact for large-scale emergencies like an earthquake.

How will I be reunited with my child?

In the event of a natural disaster that DOES NOT require evacuation of the school site, parents are to report to Cragmont and go through the student release process. Once reunited with your child, you may choose to sign them back in and volunteer to assist. If Cragmont needs to evacuate to King Middle School, parents are to report to King Middle School for student release process. Student release process will require parent or a trusted friend to provide identification to be checked and verified by staff that you are authorized to pick up the student.

How will you care for my child if I can’t get there right away?

If the disaster occurs during school time, Emergency Management recommends the child stay at school until the parent or a trusted friend picks up the child. We have no idea, especially in an earthquake, how impacted our neighborhoods may be. This means school staff will stay with the children. Food (vegan-based, contains soy and wheat), water, sanitation, and safety will be provided for.

Can I pick up a neighbor?

Neighbors, friends and family may only pick up children if they are on the student’s emergency contact card.

In the case of evacuation, where will you go?

In the event of an evacuation off campus, the staging area will be Martin Luther King Middle School, 1781 Rose Street (at Grant St.), Berkeley, CA 94703. Students and staff will travel to the staging area together. In-classroom “Go-bags” contain basic emergency supplies along with a class list.

How can I help?

  • Be prepared at home! The safest place for your child after a natural disaster is at home, please be prepared with 72 hours of food and water. Prepare a disaster plan and a family reunification plan. Be sure to designate multiple families and parents you trust that can care for your child. Many parents may have difficulty crossing the Bay and is highly recommended to add additional friends and family to care for your child.
  • Join the PTA emergency preparedness committee ( BePrepared@cragmont.org), and volunteer for drills. If your child has special dietary needs, provide their classroom teacher with nonperishables for the class emergency bag.
  • Donate to keep Cragmont safe.

Emergency FAQ for Parents and Caregivers

The Katz Act (CEC § 35295-35297), requires that Cragmont have a site disaster plan that outlines roles, responsibilities, and procedures for students and staff. It also requires that the school site emergency management organizational structures comply with SEMS (Standardized Emergency Management Systems), and be ready for implementation at all times.


Please read these FAQs to prepare for an emergency.


Help Cragmont Elementary Be Prepared for Emergencies!


Between regional red flag wildfire warnings, electricity shut offs, and seismic activity, it’s essential that we get ready for the kinds of emergencies scientists say are inevitable. 


Our school still needs essential items to help teachers and students stay safe in an emergency event. Currently, our teachers urgently need backpacks to keep “go-bag” items in so hands are free to help guide and comfort students, reusable water bottles for each classroom, and tents to create shade. 

Backpack example.png

Take action today by purchasing and donating quality, long-lasting supplies from our Amazon Wishlist (http://amzn.to/376z5KD). Items will be shipped directly to school and stored securely, ready to be used if needed. 


For more on emergency plans at Cragmont, email: BePrepared@cragmont.org.

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Plan for emergencies

To increase the likelihood that you will receive the information you need in an emergency, sign up as many contact methods as possible. Elect to receive both voice messages and texts, and sign up using multiple email addresses.



Register for alerts at home, work, and school addresses: www.acalert.org


Sources for emergency instructions & information


    • 1610 AM

    • KPFB 89.3 FM

    • KQED 88.5 FM

    • KCBS 740 AM

    • KSOL 98.9 FM (Spanish)


Share emergency information with the people around you.

These systems are not guaranteed to work in an emergency.

Be ready to use many different sources to find information.