What's happening on Planet Cragmont

Hello Fellow Dragons,

Here’s what’s happening on Planet Cragmont right now.

Calling All Purple Forms! Come in, Purple Forms!

Our kids are competing to win a class party, and you can help. Just return your completed Cragmont Annual Fund “purple form” to your child’s teacher by October 4. Can’t find it? Email us at donate@cragmont.org. You needn’t donate to participate, just tick the box saying you know about our $100,000 fundraising goal to maintain the programs we currently provide at Cragmont.  And if you are able, please Give Now to support our effort—no contribution is too small, and every dollar makes a difference!

Necesitamos Voluntarios Para Día de los Muertos :: Call for Día de los Muertos Volunteers

Celebraremos las festividades del Día de los Muertos el 8 de noviembre y necesitamos voluntarios para artes, manualidades, y pintando calaveras.  Si desea ayudar a planificar nuestra celebración, favor de comunicarse con Ana Vasudeo a apvasudeo@gmail.com.

We will be celebrating our Día de los Muertos festivities on November 8 and are seeking volunteers for arts and crafts and face-painting. If you can lend your time and talent, please contact Ana Vasudeo at apvasudeo@gmail.com.

Clip it Good

By Friday, September 27, please drop your clipped