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FAQ for 2021

Greetings Dragons, 

As the new school year approaches, families are scrambling to figure out how school is going to work this year, make care arrangements for their children, etc. We’d like to address the things on everyone’s mind as we get ready for a most unusual 2020 school year. Here’s what we know:

BUSD also plans to offer several town halls on distance learning, presumably so families can ask questions. Dates are below, but links/details have not yet been released:

  • August 3, Town Hall in English

  • August 6, Town Hall in Spanish

  • August 10, Town Hall for Families of Children with Disabilities (with Mr. Shawn Mansager, BUSD Executive Director of Special Education)

  • August 11, Affinity-Based Town Hall for African American families

  • Class & Teacher Assignments Class lists will go out earlier than usual, but no specific date has been released  .

  • Learning “Bubbles” and “Pods” We understand that many families are scrambling to organize learning bubbles, pods, small outdoor play groups, etc. According to Superintendent Brent Stephens, BUSD plans to make an effort to create small-scale, on and off-campus child care options for younger students. However, BUSD has not yet given a timeframe for this. In the meantime, we encourage people to consider equity and the Cragmont community as much as possible when making plans.

  • Enrichment Classes This fall enrichment classes will be available to students throughout BUSD. Classes will be in the afternoons and entirely online—even if in-person schooling resumes before winter break. Enrichment classes are not expected to start until September at the earliest. We should have more details in the coming weeks.

  • Student and Family Support If your student or family needs additional support to get started with distance learning, please contact: Karime Blanco, Office of Family Engagement & Equity or (510) 644-8871. Ms Cannon, Principal or (510) 644-8810

  • Ed Camps We understand that distance learning is an extreme hardship for some families with parents that work outside the home. The district has a list of priorities they are working through, including setting up Ed Camps–sites that children could attend to do distance learning, with adult supervision, while parents are working. BUSD has not yet released a timeframe for opening Ed Camps. 


Your Cragmont PTA

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