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First day of school

Yay!  School has begun for the 2020-2021 school year!  So many students logged on and met with their new teacher and saw their new classmates this morning.  Such excitement!  Thank you to all of our Cragmont families who helped their child join their class this morning.  

These first 2 weeks of school are designed with time for families to establish routines at home, to set up a learning area for your child, and to learn about the platforms that your teacher will be using this school year. Teachers are meeting with families to get to know you and your child and they are planning a rich and robust curriculum for your child.  In this new model of distance learning, we are continuing to work on a schedule that works for all students and we will continue to keep you informed if we make any adjustments to your child’s schedule.

Since we are virtual this year, it is important for us to have current contact information.  Notices have gone out to families to update your contact on our Cragmont community communication system, Membership Toolkit.  If you have not registered for our family directory, please follow these simple instructions below.  The school cannot share personal information between families so this is your way of connecting to your child’s classmates.

If you have not yet registered, here's how:

  1. Go to: 

  2. Go to New User? and click on Create Account

  3. Enter your information and click Verify My Email

  4. Once you have verified your email address, log into MembershipToolKit and follow the instructions

Thank you again for the assistance today, families, and see you all again tomorrow morning.

Go Dragons!

Candy Cannon

Cragmont Principal

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