Info about Fall 2020

Message from BUSD:

Important Information about Fall 2020 / Información Importante acerca del Otoño 2020

July 8, 2020

Dear Parent/Caregiver,

In order to prepare for the new school year beginning on August 17, our district leadership, teachers and staff have been working to adapt our facilities, programs and practices to follow constantly evolving state and local health guidelines.  

BUSD is planning to transition to on-campus learning if the current Shelter-in-Place Order is modified to allow schools campuses to open, and when we are able to provide programs that comply with health orders and best practices.

The goal of BUSD in the 2020-2021 school year is to balance the complex variety of needs that students, families, and staff are currently confronting, including reducing the risk of COVID-19 for staff and students, addressing student learning loss and isolation, and supporting families to return to work. We are also committed to improving the quality of Distance Learning, increasing access to related technologies and connectivity for students and educators, maximizing on-campus learning opportunities and providing support to students and families who have been most impacted by the pandemic and shelter-in-place conditions.

Though our plans are still in development, we do know that on-campus learning will look very different from what we were used to before schools closed in March. We are treating the risk of COVID-19 seriously; there will be fewer students on campus, reduced schedules, requirements for face coverings for students and staff, social distancing, and other program and facility modifications. 

This afternoon you will receive an important email from the District with the subject line “Fall Instructional Program” asking you to indicate your preference for how your student will participate in learning when the 2020-2021 school year begins on August 17.  You’ll be asked to fill out an Instructional Choice Form and choose between these two models:

A Hybrid Model:  This model is a hybrid in that it combines in-person learning and distance learning. This model assumes that County and City Health Officers amend the current Shelter-in-Place Order to permit instruction on school campuses. Students will be divided into groups that attend school two days per week, with a schedule that provides instruction online with teachers as well as independent work 3 days a week. The reason for dividing students into two groups is to create small, stable cohorts at the elementary level, and social distancing at the middle and high school level – two practices that are included in both County and City health guidelines for schools.

A Distance Learning Model: This model will support families who choose not to return to in-person instruction, with online instruction only. This model will also provide a backup plan in the event that a classroom or school must close down due to quarantine or local health orders. The revised Distance Learning model for next year will satisfy or exceed the new state requirements for daily instructional time, live interaction with teachers, and independent assignments.

I understand that this is an important decision to make, one made especially challenging due to the constantly evolving conditions and guidance regarding COVID-19.  We also recognize that even if you select t